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Well, I can say this for sure now. THE COSTUME IS DONE!!! I had to cut a few things out because some simply could not be done. I'll list the following:

Prop Nose/Ears - This couldn't be done literally because of the hat. The monstrous thing that it is. It wouldn't allow any sort of thing under it, so I
just cut it out of the plans.

The small locks - I just simply couldn't find ones that weren't like $30 a pop, so due to cost and time, cut them as well.

The Arm Gears - I worked so DAMN hard on these. However, I just couldn't get them to sit right on my arms, without gluing them to my arms. I don't think that would have ended well. :pale: Again, just wouldnt work.

However, as I mentioned in another post, I don't have enough makeup for two goes as a test run to see how it will all look in the end. So. I present to you. ALL my conumdrums SOLVED


Now you may be wondering why I am not using most of the parts. Well. That's kinda because I showed you them all already :lol:. I finally got the belts figured out, which was a relief. Now I just have to put it all on on the big night and take pics for you all!

I hope you like how it turned out :)
I like the look of all the belts wrapped around in different spots. I had a somewhat similar vision for my costume, although it might not come to pass.

When you're doing a costume of an established character, I know it can be stressful trying to match every detail. But there's no shame in changing some aspects. Unless you're entering some costume contest where accuracy is being judge, I say use your creative license. Tell people that you are your own unique spin on the character.

The make up isn't great, but I got it done. I managed to get some more so I could show you all how it COULD look, however I do not have black for accents. So for now, this is supposed to give you the idea of how it looks all together! :thumbsup:

I really like how it turned out. The gear is on my back, its just not visible in the current shot. I will get a better, and more updated one soon.
Zombie Pumpkins! wrote:More photos and stories of the big night! How did your hatter go over with the citizens of your wonderland?

Not bad if I do say so myself. One person (whilst ToTing) recognized it. Which made it worth it. On the other hand, we really had a poor showing of ToTers this year. I don't recall even going through a box.

On the upside though, I had a fantastic night. I will put up more pics when I get the time. A lot of things have been happening lately.