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Hello all,

I figured I'd start us all up in terms of Costumes for 2013. I'm going as the Mad Hatter from American McGee's Alice/Alice Madness Returns.


This game captivated me since I started playing it not 3 months ago. I'm still trying to get 100% Trophies (PS3 for the win!). The Mad Hatter stood out to me as a character I could pull off, and easily mind you. The only tricky parts so far:

- The jacket is going to be tough to track down/make myself.
- The little white things on his shoes (what are those anyway?)

I have already tracked down the hat as seen here:

The oversized hat

Comments, suggestions? I really like this idea and desperately want to try it.
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SuperSonic, you've always been good at planning your costume way ahead of time. Although, you've been known to change your mind too. Are you sure you'll be sticking with the Hatter by October?

I think it would be great. Here's a large photo you might use for reference.


White gloves, black pants, black shoes. Seems easy enough to start. On the shoes are spats. You can probably order similar ones online or fashion your own with some white fabric with buttons sewn on. You can even get cheap costume spats like this, which are often sold to be part of gangster costumes for Halloween.

Props are always fun, so I suppose you'll need a cane. With a teapot on top to be accurate to this depiction. They sell plastic canes for Halloween, and you could probably get a plastic tea set with a miniature pot to attach to the cane.

Seems you got the hat sorted out already, but if you wanted to make your own you can find some tips here.

The jacket might be the tricky part, if you want it to be accurate to the game character. Seems it has a pointed flap in the front and back? And points that hang from the cuffs as well. If you're not worried about absolute accuracy to the shape, you could probably get away with any plain white jacket or white long-sleeve shirt. But then the key to converting it would be all those straps/belts wrapped around him. Gives it a straight jacket vibe. Look close, and you'll see little locks hanging off all the buckles.

And finally... do you plan to have a cog in your back? And a green face with big nose?

Take a look at this Mad Hatter cosplayer who did the costume you're aiming for. Does it give you any ideas?
I'm just glad that I'm not the only one who already has costume ideas for next October. I like the idea by the way Sonic.
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By SuperSonic
Yup, I'm sure I'm doing this. I've wanted to do make an elaborate costume for a while. I figured this was the perfect opportunity. A lot of the other versions of the Hatter were to simple, I want a challenge however.

I'm going to start building it up in March and go into October.

The jacket is something I would like to make as accurate as possible. That cosplay looks great, an might just use it as my base line to get it l figured out. The cane/teapot should be rather simple as you suggested. The cog will be involved in this costume. No doubt about it.

Thanks for the constructive criticism! I hope this turns out as well as I can see it in my mind.
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By SuperSonic
So after doing a lot of reasearch, I figured out that the same site that I found the hat on, I can basically use to make the rest of the costume.

I found a half decent Jacket Here.

A set of Splats here

A proper Cane

A Prosthetic Nose

And Lastly, a rather large set of Ears

The only few things I'm missing?

Black fabric (To make the black collar)

Green paint/Make up

A Plastic Teapot

And Several locks and gears.

This is shaping up to be a really good Halloween.
SuperSonic wrote:This is shaping up to be a really good Halloween.
I could not agree more with that statement. This year is probably going to be my best year yet. My costumes are working out gradually as the time goes on, and my ideas for Trick-Or-Treat night are going to be stupendous. I just hope I can earn some money to fund them better.
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By SuperSonic
For those of you wondering where I have been all this time, I am alive. :) I'm also happy to report that i have made significant progress with my costume.

I have made most of the gears I will need, have the shirt I need (the suit idea was stupid when I thought about it). I also have the cane, top hat, and various other parts. The only things I still really need ate belts, locks and a plastic teapot I can paint.

I'm really excited to tell you all this and pictures will be coming your way soon. Just not now :P
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By SuperSonic
Hello all!

As promised the pictures! Its not done, but I have achieved a completion rate that has me satisfied to post some of the pictures so you can see my progress!

You can see the pictures here. I'm not going to post them here because there are quite a few that I have posted. In the future I will post here and on the album. So check back weekly! I'll do my best to keep up with that demand.

I am still missing a few parts.

- Teapot
- Spats
- Belts
- Traditional Key Locks (although I may cut these for the sake of time)
- The huge mass of makeup I will need.

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By SuperSonic
zombombie wrote:Looking good SS! I especially like the gear! Mind if I add you on Facebook?!
Thank you! I do like getting compliments. Makes me feel like the work is worth the time and effort! No I don't mind. Go right ahead.

The star of today's show!


The morning session. Me and my teapot are not short and stout


The bottom being stuck to the cane.


Last but not least. The finished product! (Or at least the cane :P)