Chatting haunted houses, horror cons and spooky theme parks.

Talon Falls opens for business tomorrow, September 28th. After suffering from a fire that burned part of the park last year, they have re-built and added lots of new attractions.
New Hi-Tech Zombie OutBreak, Crypt of the Vampires, Voodoo Lagoon, Cell Block D, Squealing Pig Butcher Shop, i scream Factory in 3D, The Dead End Doll Factory, the Asylum, Blood Creek Hayride, Big Top Carnival Freak Show, Monster Midway with Carnival Style Fun, name a few. I missed going last year, but hopefully I will make it down there this year!

I got to go last weekend, and even had drinks at the old haunted CC Cohen building in Paducah. The haunts were all impressive! Really a great place.