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"A new, 57-acre attraction in South Surrey is billing itself as an immersive, zombie-fighting experience. Dressed up in tactical gear and armed with paint guns, you and your platoon must fend off wave after wave of the undead under the cover of thick forest."

Sounds like I found a new hobby...
Damn, beaten to it again. I thought about doing something like this a few years ago. Well, I thought it would be a good idea, I wasn't going to actually do it myself. Let us know what it was like once you've been, that is, if you survive! :lol:

Wow, just looked at the link. Nearly $100!?! bit pricey but a nice halloween treat I suppose.
Read about this in the paper not long ago, it's actually not far from home for me. It sounds like they're booked up for the "season" already though. <pouts>

I wonder though, when exactly are zombies in season?


Actually, i read about a live theatre experience in the downtown core at the roundhouse where they immerse a smal audience in a zombie outbreak scenario - called the Zombie Syndrome. Sounds awesome; were thinking of doing this then going to Stanley Park for the Ghost Train... ... story.html