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By zombombie
Ocotber 30th, the night before Halloween (and the night before I go see Alice Cooper! :D), the wife and I are going to see The Cabinet of Dr Caligari - but it has a slight twist:

"Relive the 1920’s at our annual Halloween celebration and enjoy an evening of film, made ever more suspensful and evocative of the silent era with live organ performance by Donald MacKenzie.

When the evil hypnotist, Dr Caligari, arrives in town for the annual fair, Francis and his friends get more involved than they bargained for. The terrified friends discover that a killer is on the loose and Francis decides to find the murderer. As the story unfolds the dramatic sounds of the Usher Hall’s original organ will thrill you just as it did for audiences nearly 100 years ago.

The film is considered one of the greatest and grisliest films of the silent era and what better time to watch than when things go bump in the night..."

They're even showing the 1928 trailer for The Fall of the House of Usher before it!

This Halloween is shaping up rather nicely - this, followed by Alice Cooper, topped with our Halloween party! Can't wait! :D
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Ooooh, your Halloween does sound like it's coming together nicely. That showing of The Cabinet of Dr Caligari will be even more haunting with the live organ performance. I once saw a screening of Nosferatu, with music accompaniment played by a live orchestra. That was quite a way to experience that movie for the first time.
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By nosferatu
Alice Cooper on Halloween, no better time. I'm seeing him the day after in Sheffield. Not quite the same bit like opening Christmas presents on Boxing Day.

Dr Caligari sounds like a great treat. You are having a busy time this year, enjoy.