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By The Captain
When is not so much of a deal breaker, where is the real question? We are spread all over the place.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
That is the issue indeed, Captain. I feel like the event would have to be quite a spectacle, to make it worth the traveling costs that would be incurred for some.
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By Batgirl
Ideas of cons to go to as a group, you know, before we start our own ZP convention!

Monster-Mania Horror Con: Aug 19-21 in New Jersey

HorrorFind Weekend: Sept 2-4 in Gettysberg, PA

World Horror Convention: March 29- April 1 (2012), in Salt Lake City, UT

Weekend of Horrors: Feb 18 in LA

This one looks especially cool -
National Halloween Convention: May 4-6 in Philly
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By wookie66
Wow the one in Philly looks great and not that far away for me. That one looks like it has a little bit of everything and since it is in May it is the perfect time to start planning and getting props and ideas for the Halloween season, even though im thinking about Halloween all year long.
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By ghostface
I agree! The Philly 1 would be a great place to have a ZP! Party!!! :)
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By Batgirl
Yeah, the Philly one was my favorite so far too!
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By staticfurball
How about Salem, its nice ther and there is the witch museum.
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By monstermash
You've all got to come to the UK. We've plenty of ancient graveyards and abandoned asylums that would be perfect venues for the zombiest of halloween parties. Not to mention the the vast stretches of highlands inhabited by the ghosts and lost souls of angry Scotsmen. A party in the Scotch mist would be great.
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By ghostface
Just decided to bring this up again. Would really like to have one of these. It would be a great time, and I would finally get to meet you all! :)
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By pagemaster1993
I still like the idea, but have no idea if I would be able to go. It would probably have to be close for me to go.
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By SuperSonic
Being a Canadian resident, I think I must voice my opinion. It would be very hard for my to go to the UK, that much I can assure you. The States however is much easier. Anything along the eastern sides is simple enough for me to get to, at least by car of course.

Plane tickets on the other hand are a different story. I would need plenty of warning as to where and when, and hotel arrangements if needed. That way I could save my nickels and dimes (since in Canada there AREN'T any more pennies).

However I am very much down with this plan.
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By SuperSonic
zombombie wrote:I'd totally try and get to the USA for a party... Though the UK would be a little easier ;)

Sonic, you have one of my favourite sigs here now with the Alien reference :D
Obviously if we set a location, I would bust my @$$ to get there. Everyones home country is quite obviously easier.

Thank you for the kind compliment on my signature!