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By Wedge
So Ryan, how long are we going to have to wait for the first annual Zombie Pumpkin convention? This way we can put a face to all the ZP heads out there. If they can have cons for video games there is no reason we couldn't put something bigger together.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Ooh, I like this idea. If I cook something up, I'll let you know. If anyone has any ideas, post 'em. What would a gathering of pumpkin heads do? If any pumpkin carving was to take place, it would have to be B.Y.O.P. :)
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By Nikki
We could always draw up some new stencils and have ZP be like an underground community of guerilla theme ideas ;)

Like, a draw off- whoever does the best designs get to be put on the site in stencils section?

Think up new decorations and D.I.Y. decorations for October

There's my 3 cents Haha
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By Dragon
Hmm.. Wouldn't it be safer if people that were attending would send you money and you would provide the pumpkins from a pumpkin patch somewhere? I can't see myself bringing up two pumpkins - Well, I'd rather drive. I wouldn't be on an airplane any time soon. :lol:

You know, that could be an idea. If it is BYOP, You could scout out pumpkin patches local to the area and people could go and buy pumpkins. It could be something to think about.
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By Batgirl
So I was reading this and it got me thinking. This could actually be a very cool idea. It wouldn't even have to start too big. There are horror/halloween/fright conventions that take place all across the nation. One could be selected that ZP fans attend. At that convention, we could meet up, maybe have a "workshop" with foam pumpkins, discuss new tools/tricks. It would also be a great place to hand out the fliers for this website. If all goes well, it could evolve into something bigger year by year.

Something to think about...
get Ben & Jerry's to sponsor it!

..frankly I'd like nothing better than a seminar / event where there was every flavour of their ice cream available

thats a reason to book a plane ticket for sure.

get sticky with pumpkins & ice cream!
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By Batgirl
I'm just replying to revive this thread. I still think this is a good idea.
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By jen d.
A room full of Halloween freaks like me? Yeah, I'd get on a plane for that. Preferably very early October or even earlier... I spend too much money on Halloween to afford to do both!
Salem? ..halloween all month there, they're pretty accomodating regards hallo-loons such as we! :lol:
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By Batgirl
I would imagine that sometime in August or September would work well. It's early enough to not interfere too much with any big Halloween prep, yet close enough to the big day to get insanely excited and be relevant. (Not that Halloween isn't always relevant)
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Agreed, earlier would be better than later in the Halloween season. I'm sure everyone gets busy with their own Halloween plans as the big day gets closer. I know things sure get hectic for me!

But not so early in the season that pumpkins aren't available yet. If this season is any indication, it looks like they're already ripe for the stabbing.
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By CorpseBride
Hmmm even though this thread was strangely resurrected....I have never seen it before and I must add that I love this idea! :lol: