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By nosferatu
Whitby Abbey, inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula, is being illuminated at night from the 25th October to the 31st October.

Perched on a high cliff, it’s gothic splendour is a fantastic place to photograph at any time but bathed in colour it should be absolutely spectacular.

Free for members of English Heritage otherwise it’s £3.50. Also doing the same is Rivealaux Abbey nearby. Again, English Heritage owned it’s also a dramatic backdrop as well as exploring its 1,000 year history. It’s actually having pumpkin related activities and I would love to take a carved pumpkin and take some great photos but there’s no way I’ll be able to get time off from work.
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By nosferatu
Image Whitby Abbey illuminated at night - not my pic
Whitby Abbey taken by me on an old iPhone SE
Image Riveaulaux Abbey taken by me on an iPhone SE.

Carved pumpkins in the foreground would look absolutely splendid
Beautiful! Love the architecture. It must look amazing bathed in colored light too. I had the same thought... photographing carving pumpkins in the foreground with Whitby Abbey in the background. If only I lived closer.
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By amandap80
How wonderful. This is definitely something for the bucket list. :fangs: