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By Minionette
They are a lot of fun however they are not very lively! Lol!! Where I live there is a place that does a huge Haunted hayride every year! This year they got together for a good cause the feed the living and fear the dead food drive. They were collecting for the local food pantries. So I went and donated and had my picture taken with scary harry and the zombies! You probably can't tell by the picture but I am wearing my minion work shirt. I'm the one in the orange hat in case anybody gets confused lol!!!
They appear to be treating you like one of their own. Must be that Minion work shirt. It demands respect. :)

Sounds like a lot of fun. I'd dress up to help a good cause. As if I need an excuse to put on my zombie makeup. :lol:
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By amandap80
It takes some guts to stand next to that bunch! I really like all the work that sort of thing entrails. I wish I had the brains to pull off that kind of event.
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By Minionette
It was opening night for the hayride, so it was good practice for them. And Ryan, they did have a best zombie contest.....maybe next year, patch master? But as for me, I wore my minion shirt and my very best Halloween top hat!! Nothing could be finer!! :D