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By chuckwagon
So, work has brought me to St. Louis this week, and after a little time spent touring The Gateway Arch, Old Courthouse, and brushing up on some 'Murican history, I was checking the googles for some close by places to get some food, and I saw this place listed on Google Maps... It looks pretty amazing, and the interactive zombie operation game seems like a total riot! It has a really well designed website, and also has notoriety places billing it as the best/scariest haunted attraction in the US, and one place, I believe, even said THE WORLD. Looks like they have it all, even a really nice gift shop and "monster museum"... I may just need to take a little walk and have a look around the place! It looks like you can even rent props for films and photo shoots.

I hope I make it there and back without becoming zombiefied... :lol:
I believe I heard about this place before. Probably from the Travel Channel's Halloween specials (that I watch every year.).
I've been to St. Louis once, but this place wasn't on my itinerary back then. If I ever happened to be in the area again, this sounds like a stop I'd have to make. Thanks for sharing the info, Chuck.