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By staticfurball
That really suck man, I wish I had the space to do something that grand and to think some stinking party poopers ruin it for the whole neighborhood.
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By purple1worm
That's such a shame. I don't understand why some people have to try to ruin the fun for everyone. :(
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
If my neighbor had a haunted display like that, not only would I support it, but I would decorate too and combine our yards into a mega-attraction. I'm sure the traffic on the street can be frustrating at times, but it's only for a short time of the year. Any inconvenience is totally worth it, for all the joy and holiday memories being created!
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By pagemaster1993
That's just despicable. People who complain about stuff like that are just looking for trouble to make. I see no problem with any of it as no one is: Being hurt, offended(which I mean on accounts of religion, race, sexual preference, or etc.), or taking over other people's space.

I never had any problems so far with my neighbors with my Trick-Or-Treat displays. In fact I think I got them into handing out candy. The first year at my new place I was the only one handing out, and last year 4 on my block (including me) handed out candy.
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By amandap80
That's terrible! I create an influx of traffic in my neighborhood too, but no more than the church trunk-or-treat. What a bunch of butthats!
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By Raven
It's sad that some people can't let others have a good time for a few nights out of the year. It's not like they do this all year round. I hope they got to keep their graveyard open.