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The "Rise of the Jack o' Laterns" event has been mentioned here in the past, but the info posted back then was a bit vague. They've gotten in touch with me again this year with more specifics.

This event features 5,000 hand-carved Jack O'Lanterns at one of Long Island's most treasured historic mansions, Old Westbury Gardens. It features the work of dozens of local artists and sculptors in a unique walk-through experience that's suitable for visitors of all ages. Here are part of their display from last year. Recognize any of these designs?


They've put out the call for artists to help with the creation of this display. So if you live near Westchester County NY or Long Island NY and want to get involved, here are the details they've provided:

Looking for Artists and Carvers in Peekskill

RISE of the Jack O'Lanterns is an event production company based in Westchester County, New York. We produce one of the largest month long Halloween-themed events in the Tri-State area. Our events attract tens of thousands of visitors throughout the month of October. We feature 5000 hand-carved jack o’lanterns ranging from simple faces to complex and intricate illustrations. All of these are created by our team of skilled artists and carvers on specialty foam pumpkins that can be carved just like real pumpkins.

We are currently looking add artists to our team to carve these jack o'lanterns at our studio. That is why we are seeking out artists who have experience in drawing, sculpture, and various printmaking techniques in order to create these pieces. The project will require that you produce a number of works using dremels, knives, linoleum cutters, and other tools.

We are looking for a person who can carve and create three-dimensional artwork with clean and precise details. Over the course of the project you will be assigned various topics and subjects. This is a production gig, so you should be able to produce these carvings in a timely manner. Artists will be paid $10 per hour.

Experience with printmaking techniques such as etching, linoleum cutting, wood carving, and more is a major plus. Additional advantages would include experience in drawing and painting, as well as tattoo art. All work will have to be produced by hand, no graphic designers.

Because of the unconventional medium this art is being created on, it is important that artists are able to work regularly to our studio in Peekskill, NY in order to be taught how to work with these foam pumpkins. In studio you will also be given your assignments, work in collaboration with carvers, and learn techniques from other illustrators. The majority of this work will take place from June to September, but there are also plenty of opportunities for additional work throughout October and next year if you wish to take part.

If interested, please apply at:

Please respond with samples of your artwork, your location, a resume, and any other information you feel may be relevant. Also indicate how many hours a week you can contribute. This is truly unique opportunity to make some original and creative art with other artists that will be featured in our show all October long!

Visit us at
I think I spotted about 13 to 15 Zombie Pumpkins! patterns in the pic. Get paid to carve pumpkins would be pretty cool.
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By sloaner
RavensDestiny wrote:I would so love to see something like that in person. I love that picture. I want to stand in the center, hold my arms out and spin in a circle like some kind of pumpkin princess.
Me too!!!.........well maybe not the princess part.
Im going to this next friday ill take a bunch of pictures , i was going to sign up to help but to much going on , but ill let everyone know how it is. It is 3 minutes from my school which is awesome.
So i went to this on friday and im telling you it must of been half zombie pumpkins they were everyone, even the sign at the end of the event saying thanks for coming was the patch master stencil. I will upload picture when i take them off of my camera.