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ghostface, I was looking forward to seeing photos and hearing about your convention experience. So glad to hear that it went so well!

So Danielle Harris hugged you? Man, you lucky dog. Never shower again! Wait... nevermind. If you don't shower, you won't be getting hugs from her or anyone in the future.

Cool that your dad got to meet Vivica A. Fox. Is he a fan of a particular work of hers? My mind jumps to Kill Bill and Independence Day. Also, I saw a picture you had posted somewhere, of your dad photobombing you with Amy Steel. Haha, you dad rocks. Does he know many of the horror celebs and did he have a good time?

Since your username here is Ghostface, I know you must have loved meeting "Randy." Now you have to make it your mission to get more Scream cast autographs on that poster, next to Jamie Kennedy signature. Good luck getting Drew Barrymore.

I'm pretty jealous of all the stars you met. Steven Yeun from The Walking Dead seems like a nice guy. Amy Steel always stood out to me in the Friday series. Even Anthony Kosar from Face Off. I was rooting for him during his season, great talent.

Oh... and Robert Englund. No big deal. Haha. That photo with him is awesome! I don't think they were offering a photo opp like this when I met him. So great to have. He's such a ham, willing to contort his face to get as close to the Freddy look as possible without makeup. So you noticed that he likes to talk, huh? That's what I love about him. He's so full of stories and interesting things to say. Always gives each fan a bit of time, and says something memorable.

Then of course you gotta stroll the vendors tables. You picked up a great print, I recognized it as a Joel Robinson piece right away. Nice souvenir shirt too, which you can't get anywhere else.

I know what you mean about feeling at home when you walk into the convention. You realize "these are my people!" Horror fans are some of the nicest fokks, so it's a good atmosphere, despite the bloody machete maniacs roaming about.

Seems like you got to meet everyone on your "must" list, and then some. Do you feel like you had enough time to do what you wanted to do? You clearly had a good time. Based on these photos, your face must still be sore from smiling.
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By ghostface
Thanks Ryan! I had an amazing time! My dad LOVES Vivica Fox. He was dreading going cause he's not a horror fan like I am! But after it was over he said he had a great time! He said he loved talking to Anthony Kosar and Robert Rusler, and of course Vivica Fox. :) His favorite of Vivica's work is definitely Kill Bill. I had a perfect amount of time and then some! I didn't really have to wait in any lines except for Robert Englunds! I would have met a few more celebs, but man does that money go fast! I can't wait to go back! I might even be going back in March!
Glad to hear it all worked out! If you go there early, plan your stops, and hit the celeb tables when it's most practical... you can get it done like a champ. I know what you mean about the money adding up fast. Gotta pick and choose who you really want to meet. But you end up with some great memories and autographs for your wall. Glad you dad had fun too. I'll look forward to your future con reports, I suspect now you are hooked.
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By ghostface
Completely hooked! :) I also didn't even mention my mother!! She had a fun time as well! She was most excited to meet Robert Rusler! I got my love from Weird Science from her! :)
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By nosferatu
Best post I have seen this year. Looks like you had a wonderful day. Very jealous but hanks for sharing your photos it looked like a fab event. 8)
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By ghostface
Thank you nos! Forgot to say that my Mom was super happy throughout the day because before we left Vivica's table she told my Mom that she loved her hair! :D
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By GeordieKin
I was browsing and I've just seen this thread. Wow, Ghostface, that looked like a day you'll always remember! It's great that you have such cool parents, and if they enjoyed it too, all the better. They'll be glad to go to some more. I've never been to anything like that as there's nothing like it round here. I'm glad you had such a great time, and I loved the stuff you bought too.