Seek hosting tips and afterward rehash your monster bash.
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By SuperSonic
monstermash wrote:
Kayo wrote:i always loved proper bobbing for apples (the string hung from a branch over head) because i never wanted to soak my costume but there was something entertaining about watching people chase an apple like a puppy chasing its tail
Bobbing or ducking for apples was always my fav halloween game. To save ourselves getting soaked what we'd do is still have the apples in a big tub of water but instead of putting our faces into the water we'd stand or kneal on a chair and hold a fork in our mouths. You then drop the fork from above over the tub and try to stab an apple. Great fun!!!!
When I did it, I loved geting wet, that was part of the fun :).

Though I could never bite the damn thing unless I had someone push it towards my mouth, my canines couldnt get a grip really :P