Prepping everything from pumpkin pies to party platters.
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By Batgirl
Who's had pumpkin seeds so far?

I roasted my first batch of the season tonight. I got 3 gorgeous pumpkins from the farmer's market and they produced tons of huge seeds!

They're dangerous, I tell you! I could snack on these darn things all night!

*crunch* :lol: *crunch*
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By ghostface
MMMM sounds Yummy!!!! :D
Because i'v been slamming em out for other folk i've only eaten a few & the rest have gone into the freezer along with gusts around a tree that needs the acid boost or in the wormery, however i have no fear because there are so many left!
will make good, I love pumpkin seeds roasted & want ro try a few more varieties this year seeing as i've got a fair few recipes, rude not to!
By Undead head
I'm such a sucker for roasted pumpkin seeds. Dont be stingy with the salt. Just till a lil browning starts then PULL EM and listen to em crackle!....burn your mouth on a few if youre as impatient as I am LOL.

I've only roasted one pumpkin and an acorn squash worth this year. Mixed em together. Taste was the same, acorn seeds were smaller though.