Prepping everything from pumpkin pies to party platters.
Just to save you folk some time whilst it has some photography whatsoever, I do have in excess of 120 pumpkin / halloween based recipes, halloween cupcakes, foods, party odds & sods or for cooking with kids.

This is all with direct links, ..i'm not doing a gravedigger, my thoughts being open the link & browse some more excellent stuff, i've been a bit picky so far & missed alot of stuff out, but hopefully over coming months will be able to sort out photography credits etc rather than simply swiping other folks schmutter!

it go's from serious pumpkin recipes, chilis, cakes, sandwiches, jello shots (glow in the dark etc) right across the board...

hope you find it worthwhile even if it's a tad awkward, go by the title & hopefully the linked recipe / will exceed your expectations.

(yes I did add the meatloaf hand) :lol:

Page on site is entitled "Got the Guts"? cook em! ... cipes.html

however these ones I had to direct link here as you folk will appreciate this based on it's brain content! ... 917380263/ ... ain/#step0
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By MooBoo
Wow some really great recipes, i hardly know where to start, well actually i do. In the dessert section, those vampire cookies look tasty and the chocolate chip and pumpkin cookies. Thanks for sharing :D

And i will have to give that melon brain a try.
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By monstermash
Plenty to look at there Gus. Nice one. The mummies on a stick look adorable and very edible! The gin jelly looks tempting too. I'll be back and forth to your page in the weeks and months to come.
there's more to come just started really..
Like the idea of the quinine in tonic water working up a glow under UV light!
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By purple1worm
Cool! I'll have to make reference to these links too!