Prepping everything from pumpkin pies to party platters.
I'm hoping to eventually put together a few hundred or more recipes of all things pumpkin (no not top100 ... :lol: ) to stick on my own site, most pumpkin & squash recipes peter out after a handful, & truth be known theres some fine eating in a fresh squash.
Therefore I'd like to umbrella a good wedge together on one page, add links & chefs, obviously i've hit the BBC food site & there will be similar recipe variants, however i'm looking just as much IF NOT MORE for full blown food / meal recipes not just kins / squashes as an ingredient for a muffin.

Alongside that I wish to get to grips with the full manouvere around the best way to pick, differences in age (ie young, fresh cook & eating of flesh, compared to storing then only rough chopping etc)

So any direction gratefully received, I'v already nabbed a few from this section of ZP so looking for "fresh flesh" as it were.
Currently got around 65 i'd say it is as ever bare bones work in progress.
Looking especially for some mex / indian recipes which incorporate gourdi-goodness (poor pun) :o
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Not particularly known for my food prep, I unfortunately can't help you much with recipe acquisition. But when given the opportunity, I do like to cook (follow a recipe, I can). So once you compile the list on your website, I'm almost certain to harvest some meal plans from it. :)
I'm an old school country, proper food, foodie, & i'm ashamed at 1/2 of what I eat, ..the other year I couldn't find bulk pumpkin & squash recipes beyond say 12 maximum grouped recipes, this year hundreds, good news, hopefully then something for everyone!

good selection of toasted seed varients too! (always welcome)
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By staticfurball
i cook with all kinds of winter squash. from garlic & cumin roasted butternut to praline pumpkin cheese cake, creamy squash harvest soup etc. I cant help my self, fall has so many great foods.