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By chuckwagon
I thought we had a section for cooking/baking, but maybe it was done away with(?)... I'm posting this here cause it seems fitting. Ryan, please move it elsewhere if I've posted in the wrong place...

I'm a big time user of Reddit, and I happen to subscribe to the Halloween subreddit. Today, I saw another user post this AMAZING homemade cake. I wish I was this talented in a kitchen, but I'm lucky enough to get away with boiling water without incident. Anyway, I thought it was just absolutely fantastic!! All credit goes to the reddit user /u/36monsters, and I made sure to get permission from them before posting here. I'll link both the reddit post, AND the imgur link for any and all interested.

Reddit post: ... its_in_my/

Imgur gallery link:

EDIT- I'll also add the link to the users website with other cool, and edible Halloween ideas that I'm sure we can all appreciate... "The Necronom-nom-nomicon", LOL, gets me every time!

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By Zombie Pumpkins!
chuckwagon wrote:
Mon Apr 17, 2017 6:41 pm
I thought we had a section for cooking/baking, but maybe it was done away with(?)
We previously had recipes combined with the Growing & Picking Pumpkins section, thinking that pumpkin crops are naturally either carved or consumed. But that section is used mostly to talk about the actual growing and harvesting. So I just moved all the food topics to a new Spooky Food & Recipes section under the HALLOWEEN heading. A dedicated spot where we can talk all about cooking/baking tasty treats. Any seasonal food or drink, from pumpkin pies to party platters. :thumbsup:

As for that skull cake - a pretty haunting piece of food art. Good use for a skull mold, and the aging done to the white chocolate makes it look real. I've seen crumbled cookie used to make "dirt" on cakes, but the Nilla wafer crackers colored with green food coloring make for awesome moss. Never seen that done before. I wonder what the coworkers thought of this cake. :lol: