Prepping everything from pumpkin pies to party platters.
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By Raven
This may sound kinda gross, I say that because several people I know have been afraid to try it, but it's a really good, easy dip to make, and it's perfect for the season!

All you need is a package of cream cheese, softened. It's not necessary to soften it, but it makes it easier to spread on a cracker. I usually spread it out a bit in a long bowl. Next you need a jar of Pumpkin Butter. We have a ton of places that sell this stuff all year long. If you have a Trader Joe's in the area they usually have it. I use Ole Smoky Moonshine Pumpkin Butter. Pour it over the top of the cream cheese. Next add a layer of cooked bacon, crumbled up on top and you are done! Serve with crackers. It's GOOD and even better it's EASY, which is what I like.
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By purple1worm
Sounds yummy! Hope I can find the pumpkin butter, I'd like to try it.
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By amandap80
That sounds great! I have an office potluck next week, this will be perfect!