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By Raven
Besides carving pumpkins what do you do on Halloween? Do you go trick or treating? Stay home and hand out candy? Hit the bars or clubs for costume contests or maybe a party at home or at a friends house?

Every year my husband and I dress up and go trick or treating with our niece and two nephews. My husband only started dressing up with me the last two years. I always bring them a carved pumpkin, a Zombie Pumpkin! of course, and some FULL sized candy bars. If we get done with them early enough we will drive around some other neighborhoods looking at everyone's decorations and pumpkins. I usually spend the better part of the day carving, getting dressed up, helping my husband with his costume and dressing up the poor dog.
I will probably do an all day Halloween movie marathon. Though I think the Face Off Finally is live that night as well, so if I am correct I will be watching that too.
For the last few years we've had a party. It's always outdoors so I can have my graveyard and we have a big bonfire and bbq. Fancy dress is always encouraged and the majority of people make the effort. We always do bobbing for apples but instead of ruining make up by plunging your head into a bucket of water, you have to drop a fork out of your mouth from a good height and see if you hit an apple. If you hit an apple you win a shot of Apple Sourz.

Usually we don't manage the party on the 31st for obvious reasons so on halloween itself I just like to do a bit of halloween baking, maybe kin carving, and I always watch a few spooky films. We always have stuff ready for trick or treaters but there usually aren't any.
I think some year I am going to have a Halloween Party. I also think I will have it outside in the chill of the Halloween air.
By Ajax
Sleep. Kidding usually i carve most the day set up my 30 odd pumpkins, pass out treats and watch a horror movie. Sometimes come here and post pics and comment. I usually take that week as vacation.
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By Kayo
if i'm home i judge high school kids on their costumes and decide if they are worthy of candy if they aren't I GET IT :twisted: i live near schools during my off season. the door is BUSY so i'm running around and at the same time i try to keep the house's animals inside the house and the outside animals outside the house.
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By shaft28
I always take the day off, carve my last pumpkins then hang them from the trees (we have several oaks out front - looking to hang 25 this year real/craft), the house is decorated up, fog machine and creepy music going in the yard and we always give out full size candy bars. And we get 15-25 kids max...
My son is only 2 so he's just starting to get into it (loves all the bats in our entryway and runs through the house every day this week to check out which new decoration I put up "Bats! Punkin! GHOST! Man! is what he calls witches as they are apparently ugly like a man).

Tons of kids nearby but our cross street has almost no street lights and goes down a very steep hill; and our court rised then drops so my house is hard to see (I do put up lights) - all the kids trick or treat on the other side of the main street...what can you do. The two kids at the end of the street love us!

We do have friends over the weekend prior for a party or just dinner. This year 4 couples, 4 kids (all 3 and under); homemade gumbo, kid friendly movies until they fall asleep, then Harry Potter (to appease my wife for all my Halloween madness) and great margaritas. My wife makes AWESOME frozen margaritas. It will be a late night.
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By wookie66
I decorate the yard and each year I try to do a different theme. This year Im going to have 6 family members dressed up and doing different things in the yard. I have set it up where you have to walk through my yard to get to the candy and the path is lined with different props and carved pumpkins. Nothing too scary since most of the kids are young but we will amp it up when the big kids come through the path. We average about 100 kids every year. This is the best night of the year.
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By nosferatu
Generally, I wait. Wait in anticipation for the hordes of trick or treaters, who year on year, fail to materialise. If its bad weather this year again, I'll not even bother displaying. However, as it has been so wet this summer, I'm hoping for a more serene autumn and lots of tots.
Ah, the waiting. I'm right there with you.

Years ago, we'd have a decent number of trick-or-treaters each year. Then, oh, I'd say about 10 years ago, the number started dropping off dramatically.

I first noticed the year that we only had about 10 kids come to the door.

The next year? Five.

In an attempt to "drum up business," we actually switched to full size candy bars after that. Did it work?

Well... the year after that, we were down to two.

The year after that? Technically, one, I suppose. It was a woman, dressed in regular clothes. She knocked on the door, and said, "I'm trick or treating for her," pointing to a carriage at the bottom of the steps.

Sure, no problem. Here, she ought to enjoy... this full size Butterfinger.

That was the year that we decided to switch over to attending our church's annual Trunk or Treat. Sometimes it lands on Halloween, sometimes it doesn't. They try to make it for the Friday night right before Halloween so that as many kids from the community can attend as possible. At the same time, the church gives out winter coats to anyone that needs one, too.

It is nice. We went from "sorta one" trick or treater to getting to give candy out to around 500 that first year. Last year, the number topped 900.

This year, I bought a nice, easy to put up and take down shelving unit that I'll drag with me out there to display my carves for the kids. They really seemed to get a kick out of the four that I had last year, so hopefully they'll like the new carves, too.

That will be on Friday the 26th. On the 31st, I'll be at home, with candy bars, waiting to see if there are any takers this year.
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By nosferatu
I empathise big time. Part of our problem stems from living towards the end of a cul de sac. The kids get so any knock backs from people living further down from bah humbug neighbours that only the most resilient end up at our house. Those that do are amply rewarded. So much so, that as well as a ZP! Flyer, I also include a list of dentists and a waiver from me referring to tooth decay.

The weather over here pLays a big part too. The last two Halloweens have been brutal. Very wet and stormy. Those that did venture out primarily came to see the pumpkins first as they were visitors from previous years.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you EarthGBilly. Who knows we both might be inundated this year.
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By zombombie
We never get any trick or treaters, we live in a flat (an apartment) in the city so we never get ayone coming up the stairs!

On Halloween itself I like to carve, watch spooky movies or do something equally Halloween related (does going to see Alice Cooper count :wink:)

We always have a party but this year it's going to be the first weekend of November, simply because Halloween week is so busy for us this year!
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By nosferatu
I will be seeing Alice Cooper the day after. Why oh why didn't I book tickets for Edinburgh instead.? Stupid, thats why. Alice Cooper on Halloween. Not a tribute band, THE Alice Cooper. Now that is Halloween
I hope this years weather is a lot better than last years. Hardly no one came out. I also had some trouble passing out Z.P.! flyers. This year I am giving out treat bags instead. They hold a good bit of candy and will already have the flyer inside. Now I just need the fliers and candy. It would also be nice to have the bags too. I feel a little unprepared.
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By NikkiRae
Quite a bit of my family lives on my street and most of my cousins bring their kids over to trick or treat in my neighborhood. So last year we had a bit of a party. Pizza, music, hot cider/cocoa, cupcakes, etc. And just passed out candy. We all help each other decorate and carve pumpkins. It's a great night.