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By Raven
snow2alike wrote: Some of her pictures are stunning! So much so ~~ I'm sharing.
I love all the ghosts all lit up under the snow!

I love the snow, but I wouldn't want it on Halloween.
Zombie Pumpkins! wrote:Most of the kids were polite, although there was that one older girl who put out her hand for candy, and when I placed a pack of Raisinets in her open palm, just just gave me a look as if to say... are you serious?

She said, "Raisins!?" I replied, "Hey, they're healthy for you." She said, "Uh... don't you have any candy?" I responded with, "Raisinettes are candy. Get outta here and go suck the chocolate off them."
That's too funny!! But don't be surprised if you find an open box of moist Sun Maid Raisins in your mailbox.

We had maybe 15 kids come by, and that dosen't include my brothers' five kids who came over after their Trick-or-Treating. That is 10 more than last year I think. Some of the visitors are by every year to check out the zombie pumpkins.....I only put out new ones this year all 2011 carves, I did 13 of them (8 foamies and 5 real).
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By Donna Destruction
We had about 25-30 (that's up 5-10 from last year). I saw one of the neighborhood kids the other day and he said he and his friends were talking about my house all day at school. I think I scared him a little. You couldn't tell I was sitting there in the dark.... :P


Now to figure out what to do next year to scare them.... :twisted:
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By keifferone
I had about 40 kids this year. Past out twix, snickers milky ways minis and pennies. Yes I said Pennies. For the teenagers that walked up to the door with out a costume they got A PENNY, unless the said my pumpkins were cool then they got candy. I know I mean. :twisted:
There was this little girl (maybe 6 or 7) that one of our forum members would have loved the costome. She had on a pink Batgirl costume and she was loving it. She got extra candy. :D
Then a kid scared the crap out of me so he got extra too.

Plus I passed out the half sheet flier too all the kids so hopfully you'll get some new members from my area next year.
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By Mistress_of_Halloween
We had a light dusting of snow overnight before Halloween but we were lucky enough that it was all melted by evening.

Since I live in the county we don't get a lot of children. This year we got lucky number 13. I always give out treat bags full of candy and little toys like spinning tops and pencils. Kids also got a full size bag of baked old dutch chips.

Once 7 pm hits everything dies down as the nearby town has a dance and party for the local kids and teens called spookarama. It's designed to keep kids off the streets at night and stop the amount of vandalism that usually happens Halloween night.
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By Raven
Mistress_of_Halloween wrote: I always give out treat bags full of candy and little toys like spinning tops and pencils. Kids also got a full size bag of baked old dutch chips.
My 6 year old nephew got a treat bag filled with candy, toys and a coupon for a frosty or something. It was by far his favorite thing he got all night. He kept pulling it out and showing everyone his "goody bag". They are great ideas to give out, kids love 'em!
By Ajax
We probably have over 50 because I went through two boxes of chips and we were giving out two bags to each child. It was really different people were so into the pumpkins that I was talking to parents all night about my display and how I do it and where I get the patterns. People didn't just stop in to trick or treat they were there for like 5-10 min picking out patterns. I had gone through two bottles of wine by the end of the night so I was more then happy to have the people to talk to :D . I always take Halloween week as Vacation from work now because I really need the recharge. Weather was nice this year no snow or rain not to cold, just perfect. I love raisenettes, but I like the peanut ones better :).
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By SuperSonic
We had about 90-150, not sure of exact numbers, but I DID Go through one box of 90. Didn't get much more after that.

Ohh well, alot of oohs and ahhs on my end made it worth it. I'm posting the pics as we speak, so expect mine soon!!!
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By snow2alike
We were hit early, fast, and hard. I buy 12 boxes of Little Debbie Oatmeal cookies -- that's 144 . Within an hour they were gone and my son made an emergency run to Krogers for another 10 boxes. I still have 10 boxes left !!! They just stopped. We had adults coming in until 10pm to see the pumpkins.and do some carving talk.
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By shutterbug
We went thru 15 boxes of chips(28/box) & about 250 pces of Tootsie Rolls on the 30th & another 10 boxes of chips & 50 chocolate bars on the 31st!!! Holy Crap!We couldn't believe the crowd on the 30th!They were shoulder to shoulder for 3 hrs straight!! :shock: