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By staticfurball
Wow, love the site....such a great variety of products......hmmmm some B-days coming up too!
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By Hottie McNaughty
They have lovely stuff. I'll be posting up some other Halloween updates from other companies that I enjoy as they pop up. Stay tuned!
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By monstermash
What a great unique gift. I fancy trying to make these myself. The tiny coffins are lovely.
Gosh, theres not many forums that you'd see the words "coffin" and "lovely" in the same sentence.
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By CorpseBride
I want one!! I have always dreamed of my own personalized coffin...well not really...but now I will be. Those are fabulous!
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By Hottie McNaughty
Conjure Oils-Perfume oils and body products:

Violette Market-Perfume oils: ... cPath=3_23

Haus Of Gloi-Perfume oils and body products: ... Autumn.htm

Solstice Scents-Perfume oils and body prodects: ... _c_56.html

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab-Perfume Oils:

Cocoa Pink-Hair, body and face products:

Elements & Artifacts-Artisan jewelry:
If I didn't know better I'd swear that qty of links without a word from Hottie was spam... :lol:
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By Hottie McNaughty
GUS wrote:If I didn't know better I'd swear that qty of links without a word from Hottie was spam... :lol:

Hehe. I thought it would look less spammy to have all the links in one thread rather than multiple threads for each company. These are all companies that I've shopped at and enjoy.
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By Raven
My local Michaels has tiny coffins like that. They are unpainted. I always thought they would be very cool to put little Halloween party gifts in.
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By Hottie McNaughty
Yeah, I love those little coffins. I know a girl who made a little wooden coffin to store all of her perfume's cool!