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By Raven
nosferatu wrote:
Mon May 20, 2019 1:05 am
They look fantastic Raven. Enjoy your travels, whereabouts are you visiting?
Thanks! Tattoo number 11 coming soon!

As for places visited (not in order);

Argostoli, Greece
Athens, Greece
Mykonos, Greece
Santorini, Greece
Barcelona, Spain
Tarragona, Spain
Cannes, France
Paris, France
Dubrovnik, Croatia (MY FAVORITE!)
Florence, Italy
Pisa, Italy
Naples, Italy
Rome, Italy
Venice, Italy (second favorite)
Kotor, Montenegro
And the highlight, Boise, Idaho!

I was gone from May 1st. to May 31st. I've been home 6 days now and I'm still tired, or possibly just lazy. :thinking:
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By Raven
Newest, pic taken the day after getting. I know my husband is really, really hoping I stop getting design ideas. This came after swearing I would never get another hip/thigh tattoo because for some reason that area hurt like crazy on the Halloween tat... yeah, this one is on my other leg on my thigh. :lol:

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By SuperSonic
Well. Session two went well to say the least.


Session 3...... oh man does this look A M A Z I N G


Bit of an awful picture (it's healed, so I should PROBABLY take a better one now) :oops:

BUT ALAS. Feast yer eyes!

Another 3 hours in the chair. And I'm slowly getting better at handling the pain of these. Not that I wasn't before. However the line work on this one hurt A LOT!

Hopefully it's no more than another 2 sessions. MY WALLET HURTY A LOT!

But it looks bad***!