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By Chewy
Another sign that we're getting closer!

I picked myself up a couple books of these guys today & ordered up a first day cover to put away as well. These are he third set theyve come out with.

They're very cool. The picture below does them NO justice. They have a holographic layer that gives them motion.

Image ... da-stamps/
Oh those are nice.....wonder if I can get them here in Montreal.
Those Canadian stamps are fantastic! So... well... haunting. Great art. Why don't we get this sort of thing in the U.S.? I love the jack o' lantern stamps we are getting, don't get my wrong. Pumpkins are sort of my thing. But I also feel like it's a "safe" choice. We don't have any stamps that carry an official product description like, "Freeze in fear at the vengeful hag whose deathly stench paralyzes visitors." :pale:
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By Chewy
They are definitely cool that's for sure!

Im thinking i will likely not be so inclined to actually use these stamps!

I forgot to mention, Canada Post actually works with the Royal Canadian Mint - we get a coin and stamps.

The coin shows the holographic effect better. I have last year's coin at home tucked away, although, given its about a local story, I don't think i'd ever heard it before (it features a headless brakeman) ... -LoMfkrLcs
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By Ash
Wow, those stamps and coins look terror-ifically awesome :)= . I am proud to call myself Canadian and had no idea we had these.