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Thanks for the messages so far.

Mistress_of_Halloween raised a good point - and, i'd like to add one question to the questionnaire.

Did you participate last year? If so, who was your partner?

I dont think this is a crucial piece of information, but, it will certainly help me avoid repeats.

Its coming along nicely

I have an observation though.

Where are all the non-Canadians, eh? Very interesting. Not sure how its looked in previous years, but, to me, given the relative populations and shared culture between Canada & the US, I'm very surprised to see this.

This is how it looks right now:

Canada 7
Belgium 1
Scotland 1


Sorry, that above there, that's a joke that only seven of us hosers probably get. Beauty eh?
Deadline has passed.

Small glitch, we have an uneven number.

Have sent my thoughts on how to work around this small problem to the patch master. If he concurs with me, you all will be getting your pairing information tomorrow, mid-day likely
Let the swapping begin!

I've sent PM's to the thirteen [rather fitting number actually LOL] participants with your partners details.

Had to get a little creative with the partnering process because of the odd number. I think it's worked out ok. Unless, of course, i messed it up. then it wont be ok and i'll be banished to forever carve pumpkin masters patters. The HORROR!!!


Happy Swapping!