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Packing up and shipping out tomorrow or Tuesday.Had a few last minute details to do and am happy with my swap box. Can't wait to see the reveal pics of everyone's goodies! :wink:
Mine is delayed too. Waited patiently for something i ordered to show up. Rushed across the line to pick it up yesterday. Tore the package open and, then said "what the f%^&!". Emailed them last night, got their response this morning, there appears to have been a few of our customers who ordered the wrong item from this offering, unfortunately, the item you wanted was custom made for us in the quantity we ordered, so, we are not going to be able to replace your order.

No, i didnt order the wrong item. Your website is messed up and, dont worry, im not ordering from you again.

Tonight i have to go find a replacement and will hopefully ship. There shouldnt be any risk of not making it in time though.

The upside, Picked up cheap milk and filled up on cheap gas while i was down there.
How did I miss this! Damn it, I changed my email :cry:
Finally sent ! albeit minus a couple of things that haven't turned up yet. This might be a good thing because, having spent most of the afternoon finding another box when I found the one I planned to use was too small then packing and repacking to get what I had to fit, I get to the PO to be told that it is a LOT less expensive to send 2 x 1.99kg boxes than it is to send 1 x 2.65kg box. :x :x :x :x :x :x :x . Just went with it because I wanted to have at least some hope of it getting there in time for Halloween (this year).

Please someone remind me of this next year :D