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Here's the OFFICIAL list of the ghouls and gals signed up for the 2016 swap

Updated 9/25 @ 1008 PDT

1. Hottie McNaughty
2. Chewy (yay, I didn't miss it this year! LOL)
3. Staticfurball
4. Pumpkinfreak
5. amandap80
6. purple1worm
7. Mistress_of_Halloween
8. pagemaster1993
9. Donna Destruction
10. Zombie Pumpkins!
11. Matspud
12. Zee
Lucky number 13: CanadianCarver

To get on the OFFICIAL (oooh!) list, please PM me with the following information

Questionnaire: These are the answers participants should provide.

1. Your name
2. Your mailing address
3. Do you have any allergies? (some people like to add edible treats, candy)
4. Are you willing to ship internationally?
5. Did you participate last year? If so, who was your partner?

The deadline to sign up is September 30. I'll be doing the pairings and will PM information out.

Guidelines (etc) follow:

How it works: The idea is to send a variety of Halloween/autumn goodies (for a set dollar amount) to your randomly assigned partner, who will also be mailing you goodies. Those interested will send in their questionnaire answers to the organizer who will assign the matches.

What to send: Be creative! Our members live all over the world and it's so much fun to see the variety of items. Halloween decorations, household items, candy, toys, books, artwork, even handmade gifts. Remember if you don't have a plethora of Halloween stuff to send, you can do fall or autumn themed as well. You can look at last year's 2015 Halloween Swap Photos for ideas.


Signup Deadline: September 30

Shipping Deadline: October 7 (plus or minus)

: Previously we did gift(s) of $20 USD in value. Does that sound agreeable? It's probably safest to consider that the general target (rather than a "maximum" or "minimum"). To keep it feeling fair, we wouldn't want anyone going wildly above or below.

Once the pairings are done, I'll create another thread to post about the swap.



The original post for this thread follows:

Ok, so, you guys dont let me forget to sign up for this for next, or, i guess, *this* year. Please!

I'm determined not to miss it. So much so that I've already started sourcing for it.

My wife thinks ive finally lost it. Not true honey, I lost it years ago. Good of you to notice. Muahaha!
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I actually had a dream about this last night. It was October, and no one had organized the swap. It was very close to Halloween and too late to do it. That was it, end of dream. I've been having weird dreams lately. :roll:
I've never done it before, but would love to join in the fun! I'm already on the look-out for fun stuff to contribute. I love looking at all the photos from past swaps. So much effort goes into organizing and swapping - this is such a creative, and thoughtful group!
Im usually way to late for this, not this year.

I'm in! I'm in! I'm in! I'm in! I'm in!

and, ive already bought stuff for this, months ago... now, where did i put it? Darn it!