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By pagemaster1993
Happy Halloween everybody! I hope everyone has a wonderful spooktacular day.
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By Minionette
Happy Halloween!! Hope it's filled with spooky stories, monstrous movies, creepy costumes, and terrifyingly good treats!!
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By Raven
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I'm having pumpkin spice cookies for breakfast and watching The Omen as I make last minute adjustments to my costume. I hope everyone's day and night are spooktacular!! :love:
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By amandap80
Happy Halloween!!!!

I have 3 more pumpkins to carve and some baking and spooky movies with my family before I spook my few precious trick or treaters. BOO!!!! :witch: :witch: :witch:
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By Mayor of Haddonfield
Happy Halloween everyone! :witch: :)= :frank: :phantom: :pirate:
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Happy Halloweeeeeeeen!

Can't wait to look at all the photos of your carvings, costumes and celebrations after today. Have fun everyone! :witch:
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By shaft28
Happy Halloween everyone!
Wet one here but Portland trick or treaters are made of stern stuff.

Hope your pumpkins burn bright,
Your treats out weigh your tricks,
And you rest easy with the sounds of delight at your door.

Or get really drunk and wake up in a clean gutter. :thumbsup:
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By Lala
HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEEEN!!!! :love: :love: :love: