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I almost didn't get my parcel due to a new deliver man going to the wrong house. But halloween luck was on my side and I received this beauty from S.A.M the next day:
(apologies for the pics I only hand my phone to hand and picked the worst possible place to take them. I was too excited to think properly :wink: )


I'd have been perfectly happy with the leaves and nothing else :D

Under those lovely leaves I found this!:


A truck load of tasty sweets! A fantastic book on Vintage Halloween collectables, its a great resource for me to plunder when I want to make a few more old style gifts. I love it, right up my street. Those darling little skeleton figures (which I almost bought myself!) are perched on the box of some cool eyeball lights. The skeleton garland is hilarious and will be draped loving on the old sideboard. There is a Swizzles lolly in my gob and a gentle wafting of Candy Corn scent in the air as I type this. I love the rib cage lanterns, another thing I wanted to buy for myself but couldn't find. And that Trick R Treat inspired print! It's amazing!! The photo doesn't do it justice at all. The colours are so vibrant and beautiful. I have a section of wall, two walls really, dedicated to film art and I can't wait to get a frame for that and stick it up. S.A.M. You went above and beyond, thank you so much for every single thing you got for me. I only hope my box lives up to yours. :D :D :D :D :D :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Ahh monstermash you are more than welcome :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Wonderful to see it all presented and photographed like that :D I had so much fun shopping for you and I'm just happy you're happy with what I put together. The skeleton garland gave me a good chuckle too, I mean wigs are funny at the best of times but on a skeleton?! :lol:
It was dangerous buying for the box, dangerous for my wallet as I wanted to buy two of everything, one for you and one for me!
The sweets I had to put out of sight, the galaxy and the toffee were dangerously close to being nommed before ever seeing the box! Now Cakepop Sam I already have one of him framed on my wall, glad you like it too; the colours are amazing aren't they?

:D :D :D :D I'm proper excited to see what you've sent me, I'm sure it'll more than live up to mine :thumbsup:
I feel so happy right now I could squee :lol:

Once again you're more than welcome monstermash, it's been fun :thumbsup:

Happy Halloween :D
S.A.M wrote: I feel so happy right now I could squee :lol:
Awwwww This totally made my day - Halloween is Happiness!!!
I'm going to be sending my package out soon, still need to wait for a few bits to arrive but I'll pay the extra at the post office to make sure it's there on time :)

Everyone's packages look awesome already! Mesmark you are spreading the mascots far and wide, I think we should take pics of them at a local landmark or something and share it on forum to document the spread of the zombie pumpkin plague! :D

I love those skeletons, very cool! I'm so excited to see more boxes :)=
I got my parcel from monstermash today and I was blown away, it's amazing so firstly let me say a MASSIVE THANK YOU! :thumbsup:

I was nervous and excited when I found out I was paired with monstermash for the swap, nervous because she's a freakin' genius when it comes to home made props and I just knew she'd knock it out of the park with such amazing things that I'd never be able to match but excited to see what awesome goodies I'd be getting. As you know, I was blown away!

I couldn't have wished for a better swap and I certainly feel like I hit the jackpot, I'm feeling very thankful and very lucky, thank you monstermash you are amazing!

There is so much stuff to show you so lets start at the begining;
Fra-gile it must be Italian!

This is a cool tea towel, I'll be using it to dry the dishes this Halloween:

A table full of goodies, look at it all :shock:

A card in an envelope sealed by wax, felt like there was something important in here and there was, a wicked card:

Of note here; a gruesome weathered handmade skull, home made Haddonfield matchbox a real treat, the skeleton candles how awesome are they? Mr Bones ice cube tray. I'm rich in chocolate Halloween coins!

A handmade Halloween trinket box on which sits a home made Sleepy Hollow mini coffin, a couple of Halloween Lego mini-figs..:

Close up of the mini figs:

Handmade beistle inspire treat bowl. I love it! Complete with choccies :)

A bloodied oven glove from The Dungeons, a plethora of sweets n chocs, light up badges, screaming drinking straw

Alas, poor Yorick! Even the skull is hand made!

Right at home on the Halloween shelf:

Trying on the bandana:

THANK YOU MONSTERMASH! You truly are an awesome person :thumbsup: I know how much time and effort you must have put in to making these items and I am honoured and so grateful that you've sent them to me, I'll treasure them forever! :D I really cannot thank you enough and no matter what I write it doesn't come close to expressing my thanks and gratitude :thumbsup:

So happy right now :D :lol:
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