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I was talking to a friend about our new candy store in my area and it got me thinking about favorite candy, and how some candy is found in some parts of North America and not others.

I recently found BB Bats at the Candy Store. I used to get these trick or treating when I was younger, but they haven't been stocked in my area for years. :D


I also love the Nestle Chocolate Bars Halloween Special Addition Bars they release every year.


Do you have a favorite candy for Halloween, or something that you wish was sold in your area?
I mentioned this on facebook not to long ago, but as an American I can't get Kinder Eggs because they are illegal here... I love them! And Glacier Fruits... Every once in a while, at a specialty store called "World Market" you MIGHT get lucky and find Glacier Fruits, but it's extremely rare in my experience.

As for readily available candy here in the States, I REALLY enjoy strawberry flavored Nerds, fruit roll ups, and Little Debbie brand cosmic brownies, oatmeal cream pie cookies, swiss cake rolls, buddy bars... I like watermelon and blue raspberry flavored jolly ranchers, but once I tried the glacier fruits on my trip to Ireland years ago, Jolly Ranchers just fall short anymore...

Regular candy bars, I like 3 Musketeers, Snickers, Kit-Kat, and Milky Way Midnight.

One specific treat that isn't really candy that I have a sudden infatuation with is Pistachios!!
We have a store that sales a lot of vintage and bulk candy. I need to go there again some time and look around. I know they have Tootsie Frooties. That is one of my favorites. I also liked getting those Candy Chews when I went Trick-Or-Treating.
I just plain love everything, which is my problem. My favorite candy though is Dots. I have a serious problem.

For chocolate, my favorite is anything with peanut butter or caramel - my absolute favorite candy bar is a Violet Crumble, which I can only find at World Market - usually around Christmas.