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By b2b
For those of you who are enamored of all things concerning The Nightmare Before Christmas, Amazon has a Monopoly board game and a Yahtzee game themed after the movie. Great fun!
I'd gladly play both of those. There's a Trivial Pursuit for TNBC too. I always want to buy it when I see it in the store, but the problem is... nobody would ever play it with me. None of my local friends are as obsessed with that movie as I am. They know I'd crush 'em! Generally speaking, my friends don't like going against me in any sore of movie trivia games. I'm a sponge for that sort of pop culture.
I've seen a couple Yahtzee games for The Nightmare Before Christmas, but the one I would probably buy is the one that looks like Boogie. My reason: It comes with his dice. Which is one of those things I've been wanting since I saw the movie.
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By Raven
They have NBC Operation as well.. I always hated that game although I played it obsessively. If I ever got that dang pencil out of his arm I acted like I cured cancer. It was such an accomplishment! So yeah, I want the NBC version. :P I want the Yahtzee game as well, but I can't see actually using the score sheets. I wouldn't let anyone write on them.
Zombie Pumpkins! wrote:There's a Trivial Pursuit for TNBC too. I always want to buy it when I see it in the store, but the problem is... nobody would ever play it with me.
I throw the proverbial Trivial Pursuit gauntlet at your feet, good sir, and issue a formal challenge to be settled on the pumpkin fields of Halloween Town!
pagemaster1993 wrote:Sounds like something we could do at the Zombie Pumpkins Minions Convention.
I think I could make my way to a yearly event for ZP like that. If nothing else good came out of this thread (even though it has). This would be the clincher!

I do have the Monopoly version! It's a bit more fun than the standard. With the theme and all. :twisted:
I didn't think I'd like the themed Monopoly games but then I got the Marvel one for Christmas. It actually changes the game up enough to make it interesting.. so NMBC one will be on my wish list! :D
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By Chewy
Ha, we were in Southern California first week of September for vacation & at Knotts Berry Farm we saw the TNBC monopoly, I just about bought it on the spot. Then, the wife says "you dont want to carry that around all bloody day do you?". No, youre right, we'll come back before we go. Turns out, I did remember to hit the blacksmith shop to get the cowboy dinner bell I wanted (it went in the trailer for camping!) but, TNBC monopoly, completely forgotten. Dagnabit.

Our last trip south - was the week before halloween & we bought the Haunted Mansion edition of Life at Disneyland. I call it playing death... LOL

I might have to go check amazon for that monopoly now. Thanks for the reminder.

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By Chewy
Good thing i qualified my "loving amazon, sometimes" remark. The TNBC monopoly arrived yesterday. Kinda disappointed, two reasons

1. Amazon shipped it without any packaging, at all. Shrink wrap on the game box, with shipping labels all over it. One corner of the box was bashed in. And, to make matters worse, it was delivered to our local drug store post office, where I then had to debate whether i was attempting to shoplift with the store manager. Harsh words were spoken, i was NOT impressed about being accused of attempting to steal from them.

2. The game itself. It might just be me, but, with such a wealth of potential imagry to use from the movie, why they resorted to using low resolution screen grabs for the art for much of it is beyond me. I would have rather seen clean crisp vector art & was caught off guard by it. It wont keep us from keeping and playing the game, but, big thumbs down for lack of effort. :(

Oh well. Now to go fight with Amazon about their crappy packaging job.