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Well isn't this weird...I too have caught the very same Halloween virus. I thought I was going crazy for awhile...but reading your guys' posts puts it all in perspective. Mainly what Ryan said about overachieving...its so true! The last couple years I did waaaay too much. Full on haunted houses, big parties, many many carvings and decorations galore. It seemed like a chore this year to pull out all of my decorations. But once I did I started to feel the Halloween love twinge again. I decided to forego the Haunted House and big party this year and just relax and enjoy my communities events and contributions.

It has really helped bring the Halloween love back, however it really feels like something is missing! Now that the big day is getting closer I really wish I would have spent more time making that perfect costume...or preparing a scary bash. But it is probably a good thing that I am taking a small step back this year. Plus I have a wicked back injury and I don't think my doc and physiotherapist would like it if they saw me painting the town red and running around like crazy.

I think the back injury has a lot to do with my lack of involvement this year too. I am scared of exacerbating the problem. So I have found solace is many spooky movies and a new Tim Burton project painting :D
I haven't been able to get into that much since we moved a couple years ago. I am always working on the big night and the house we are renting is in a gated community filled with peoples vacation homes, so its a super quiet neighborhood with no kids. So there is literally no point in getting anything going. I want to do it but it would literally be a waste of time. The lease is up in March and we might move if i can find a fun neighborhood with a appropriate house. Vegas is not a good Halloween town.