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By pagemaster1993
Thank you Ryan! This year like every year has been amazing. The patterns were outstanding, the site design spectacular, and this years Shop items were some of the best.
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Ryan you are the greatest! I might not be the best pumpkin carver but with your patterns people seem to think so. I would also like to sorry for the constant reminders of the need of a Thor (my favorite pattern you released this year). I am going to miss being a part of this website as I take my two year break ( :wink: ) and I am looking forward to what you came up with when I get back!
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By monstermash
Thank you Ryan for a vintage year. You're site makes my halloween. I say this every year but if it wasn't for ZP I wouldn't have carved what Ive carved or built what ive built.

And I'd just like to say thanks to all the wonderful guys and gals on this forum. You keep the spirit of halloween alive all year round and ypu've always got something interesting and encouraging to say. You've made me smile and laugh more times than I can remember. Thank you all from the bottom of my rotting, evil, zombified heart. :twisted: :D
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By Innuendo
Would really like to thank you Ryan for another fantastic year of tremendous designs. I didn't get to carve any pumpkins this year except for those pumpkin foamies for my son and family. But I have 20 foam pumpkins that will be carved shortly for next year. You are a true artist with abudant talent.
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By SuperSonic
I loved this year, although I didn't carve alot of 2012 patterms, I still enjoyed the crop, hard work, and most of all the simplicity of the designs. They all seem complex when I look at them on paper, but once I get going, it all becomes really easy!

"I believe it was our most horrible yet!"