Pumpkin promoters and gourd groupies provide reports from the field.
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By chuckwagon
I checked off my tattoo requirement a few years ago by getting "The Face of the Minions" on my chest, but more recently I was lucky enough to gain the interest of a local reporter for NBC's online media platform, and she came to my house and did a small piece on my carving hobby, and with the blessing of our beloved Patch master, I showed many of my ZP! foamies and talked about our wonderful community and forum... Of course, I wore my long sleeve ZP! shirt and, named dropped the site, and mentioned a couple of you guys from near and far during the video interview. I really wanted to mention specific names, but didn't know how kosher that was. LoL, sorry mesmark. You will forever be the "guy in Japan" now. We chatted about ZP! a while, and she linked the website in her article. It was all very cool, and I'm so glad I could share ZP! and the joy (or.. horror? MUAH HA HA :)= ) of carving with any and all who came across the article and video.

Here's the link... http://www.wcnc.com/news/features/its-a ... /493326346
By Ajax
Awesome! I use to hide my carving hobby from co workers but have recently embraced it over the years texting them my display on halloween. Horror seems to be more main stream now with the Walking Dead and American Horror Story, conjuring movie series etc. I mostly only carve in late September, October and sometimes at Christmas but that is awesome that you do it all year. The beard is awesome to :thumbsup: .

My girlfriends cousin was down from BC filming his tv show the Other Side and he came over the house and seen my display case of Voltrons, Walking dead figures, spawn and other and instantly said what you said "my people" because he collects funko. So much harder to find pop culture people then people that are into sports or cars but I think the next Generation will embrace it more so. Great interview.
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By sloaner
Haha I also say stuff like "there's even this guy in Japan that's into pumpkins ". I try not to bug my co-workers too much but around this time of year they expect the pumpkin talk. Most seem to find it fun and I got 1 to start carving foamies too.
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