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Zombie Pumpkins! wrote:I appreciate the business, and I'm flattered that anyone wants to wear my art on their chest. Glad to do it!
I would wear ANYTHING you draw on my chest, back, arm, head, feet. It goes on and on. I would even buy plushies of all the mascots! :P
I wore my long sleeved tee today and I had so many people from school (students and teachers) walk up to me telling me that it was an awesome shirt and asking me where to get one! I gladly told them where I ordered it. :) Also they kept pointing out which one is their favorite and a lot of people said Revenge and Age mascots. :D
Hope so! I've also been to Morrisons this morning and bought another couple of pumpkins. £2 each about 10 inches tall. The baseball shirt is fab but a touch big, it looks more like an ice hockey shirt! Looks good on.
Woo hoo! What a fantastic package to receive :D Love Age tee, the colours on it really pop. The baseball tee is superb, if a little long (hardly the biggest problem!). And the Age decal is so cool! Thanks ZP!
WOOOOO HOOOOOO ! :D :D :D My parcel's here. Thank Ryan. The Age T colours are amazing and the decade top is soooooooooooooo cool :) :) Away to add the decal to my carving kit . :)= And as for the surprise........... :kiss:
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