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By S.A.M
I got my ZP package today and the interesting thing is that it has a Customs/Postal Charges sticker slapped on it which says they want £11.25 and

But the postman just delivered it without me paying anything :? :D Unless of course I get an invoice through the post, do they do that?
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By matspud
The PO don't send letters after the fact. Looks like you got lucky and your postie messed up :D
Either that or when Nos phoned to pay his they released your instead :lol: :lol: :lol:
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By nosferatu
My second parcel has arrived and is currently being held to ransom. The kidnappers are demanding £16.11 for this one, so in total nearly £37. Gutted.

They say if I don't pay up, they are going to cut a piece of his purple T shirt using his own pro carving tool and send it to me. Let's hope they use a courier because if they post it, it'll never get here. I swear to God if they harm one thread of his, I'll hunt them down.

I need to pay up soon before the package develops Stockholm Syndrome.