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By Sind3315
I ordered 4 of the Deluxe Rainbow Pumpkin Lights very very late on Thursday and had my package delivered today!!!

Four of my foamkins are very happy in the window with their brand new lights and I am mucho impressed...

Just wanted all to know! :D
By Sind3315
No, thank you my friend for the super fast processing! :D
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By Mistress_of_Halloween
I finally decided last minute that I was going to order the Pumpkin Gutter. I just placed my order.

Does anyone from Canada have any experience with how long to takes for deliveries??
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By Raven
A few months ago I was in Vancouver, BC and sent my mother a post card. She lives in Idaho. Idaho is not that far and is even touching Canada. 3 weeks later she received the post card. In my experience it takes awhile. :|
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By SaneInsideInsanity
I've gotten not from zp but other plcaes in the states from ebay and amazon I normally get them in winnipeg in 4-5 days
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By nosferatu
If its any consolation, I have twice ordered from Ryan recently. Each time, delivery has been less thatn 4 days from US to Uk. I would have thought if anything US to Canada would be quicker.
By Sind3315
Postcards always seem to take forever, at least in my expierence. You should be good to go. Ryan ships really quickly.
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By Chewy
No experience with Ryan's shipping to Canada (yet - I just ordered a shirt), but, i get the sense that he's pretty quick about his end of the bargain. Will relay when my shirt gets here (I took the primo shipping option just because I *really* want it before halloween!)

My dad does alot with eBay (no, he doesnt deal in patterns!) & routinely lets me know about his issues with USPS (lost shipments & extreme delays).

Within Canada by regular ground mail, stuff arrives consistently to Vancouver from Toronto in 3-4 working days.

It could be worse, when we were on holiday in the Dominican Republic in mid-June we sent our daughter a post card - most of it just arrived last week (there were a few parts missing!)
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By Mistress_of_Halloween
Thanks for the input everyone. I know I kinda waited until last minute.