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For Halloween 2009, I would like to see:

1. Zombie Pumpkin Heat Activated Mugs - you know the type of thing = solid black colour mug, pour in a hot liquid to reveal zombie pumpkin motif on one side and a pumpkin design on the other. Maybe someone could run a poll of the favourite / best designs?

2. Zombie Pumpkin Holograms. One of our customers has just come back from China where he had a hologram made of his face. It was ridiculously cheap but far and away scarier than anything you'll find in the shops this Halloween
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Excellent suggestions. Heat activated mugs are something I've been considering. The way you describe it is just what I had in mind. I'll start researching on November 1st!

As for holograms, I didn't know they could be made for cheap. Hmmmm...