Propose new ZP merchandise or review the goods you've ordered.
Ryan, any chance of a lit picture in order that prospective purchasers are able to guage brightness / viability in comparison to the regular light? me the howler is all singing all dancing anyway, but the stake-light is a bit of an unknown quantity!

Also where people go looking for the "freebie" stencils, how about a small box just below that reiterates the value & choice available inside (ie 157+ ..from only $....) as you have to click the join button to look at the year membership, the low price you (bless you )charge is a major incentive (imho) to join especially if handed on a plate!

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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Thanks for the suggestions, GUS. I haven't opened up on of the "Pumpkin Pal Stakes" yet, but I've seen how it lights up because there's a button on the outside of the package that lets you test it. Still, not easy to photograph that way. I may take more pictures of it eventually. I've already taken some new product photos for this year. Well most all of them... just redid the shirt shots and some of the tools.