Propose new ZP merchandise or review the goods you've ordered.
Bearing in mind everyone & his brother are utilising U-tube etc
why not have a few "high quality" advertising clips for your warren pro carving kit compared to not so handy, bendy, breaky cheapo sets , the lights (in a blacked out box) flicking through the colours etc, lets face it politico's do it why not you, more exposure & power to your elbow sir! (doffs cap)
..basically because when i wish to check out a possible purchase of "spookynalia" eg animated items or halloween scares etc then Utube is obviously loaded & good for comparison.

Personally I'd like to see some fairly high speed film of completed pumpkin stencil patterns zipping through as a taster of what you'd get should you care to come visit us (zp) perhaps the old lions roar of a certain motion pic company & animated logo combo at the end stating the sheer amount of "quality over the norm" ...but definitely NOT the norm" stencils available.
just a thought.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
That's a good idea GUS. I have a YouTube account for Zombie Pumpkins, actually. (And I added your vids to my "favorites", Kittie). So I'd like to eventually add some videos of my own. Instructional, entertaining, animated, spooky, informative, promotional, etc. I don't have much video editing experience but eventually I'll get on that bandwagon too.
glad to sow seed's
..kitties got the idea alright, I ws thinking along the lines of a slightly more speeded up version of completed stencils as the sheer amount of "rising" stencils might be too much to simply roll over slowly, + I reckon what the eye might have seen v waits to see has more of a go look properly at the site influence.
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By Tkaraoke
zombiepumpkins wrote:eventually I'll get on that bandwagon too.
Shouldn't that be "bandwithagon"?

Never mind me, just passing through! (and ducking rotten tomatoes)