Propose new ZP merchandise or review the goods you've ordered.
..Thank's Ryan (or Ryan's Mum) for the speedy despatch & receipt of my carving kit! ..took a grand total of 3 days delivery time from the US to the UK
..hmm now what on earth could I try this out on??? :lol:
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Thank for the report, Gus! First Class International shipping is given the vague estimate of "varies" by the post office, but from what I've been told, all my orders seem to be hopping the pond very quickly!

Which is a good thing, because based on all the customs slips I have to fill out these days, the international pumpkin fans are among the most active shoppers lately.

Funny you mention my mum. I don't think she's crazy about her current job, so she's trying to persuade me to open a position in my shipping department. :lol: But so far, it's just me juggling these boxes and packing peanuts every day.
..I mentioned "Mum" as whenever anyone ebays for example then all the folk get enlisted eventually, be it packing or nipping down to the post office when things get hectic.

(over here I create the listings & the wife packs & writes envelopes out etc) ...note was looking at the packaging & contents, you seriously need to charge a wee bit more to the uk postage wise Ryan (if bubble-bag prices are similarly price to the uk anyway) it's all time & money after all.
Also get the carving kit up on ebay for over here in the uk (as you do em anyway) ,..have a look at the price of the same kit shipped by someone else to the uk and you come out way cheaper, plus its seasonal marketing & awareness of the site.
Pumpkin carving ( the basic face) IS actually popular over here so perhaps offer an A4 design of choice along with it to seal the deal and hype the site?
Love the stickers, I think ones got my snowboards name on it already.
not a great PC buff so putting in links are few & far between Ryan.
right go & do a search for your Warren pumpkin carving kit in the UK & see how much!

..£19.99 + £4.00 post & packing costs (eek)! ..yes another reason I'm elated with my new purchase from ZP

Make Hay while the sunshines & sidle a listing up alongside that one advertising your wares (at a slightly lower price) "bouncing" the sales in your direction whilst letting em know about the site!
..your bound to score!

(adjust your price to reflect your ebay fees accordingly & get em whilst they're hot)!!!
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Thanks for the suggestions GUS. I'm guessing that quality tools (at least at a good price, with fair shipping) aren't always so easy to come by outside the US. That would explain all the international orders I receive. I'm glad to provide the service, because I figure I'm helping spread the pumpkin carving obsession on a global scale.

I haven't really considered eBay, but I'm sure that would expose my stuff to a whole new chunk of people. I'll think about that, but even without doing sales there, I'm kept plenty busy with frequent trips to the post office (which is thankfully only 3 blocks away).

Making a little extra money is nice, but I try to be very fair with my prices. I charge the same rates that other places charge for the same items (usually the manufacturers suggested retail price). I only charge the true shipping cost (unlike many eBay sellers that jack up the shipping fee to make an extra buck).

And my shopping cart calculator "rounds up" the shipping fee on certain orders to help cut the cost of the boxes/bags I use to mail the stuff in. If my prices are fair, I figure it will come back to me in additional sales.

I try to toss in a few bonus surprises with each package. Every order is bound to get some fliers and stickers. Large orders may get even other tricks and treats in their box.

As for packing the kit with a pattern, that's an option too. I'm sure there will be many variations to the items I'm offering as time goes on. I've been talking to the owner of Howler Pumpkin Lights about including my patterns in with his product, and I've just been discussing some new tool configurations with the owner of Warren Cutlery. So you're just seeing the beginning of the cool product combos yet to come.
Nah no worries, what I wrote was for Ryan to up his costs to cover the Ebay fees & his postal costs a bit due to the fact that if you sell on ebay you know how many charges there are overall, + the fact that unless you have a really cheap source of printing material, printer ink, jiffy bags etc you are never (as a small time salesperson) ever getting down to costing your physical & monetary costs from point A-B, ..not to mention either time spent walking / cycling / driving to your nearest post office & the subsequent time spent there.

No definitely not put it at the same or nearly same price but one that reflects the value of the item, service & opening up your eyes to a new site in a period when people are actively thinking Halloween & Pumpkins, Value has always got to be there especially with the difference in price on the site once you root around enough to find ZP!

BUT if you look at how much time your average guy selling small items on the internet spends in time prepping, wrapping & packing, they are inevitably working for mere pennies per hour, whilst the typical buyer has come to you because you are offering the best deal, most comprehensive & knowledgeable description of the item(s) on offer.

I would happily have paid another dollar or two here or there, to support Ryan's venture as I know what I have to gain in terms of sheer joy of the opportunity to carve lot's of amazing stencils &open the doors on my Halloween obsession.

To invest in stock, store stock, answer q's search out appropriate packaging that you'd be happy to receive goods in yourself is actually a small nightmare.

We for example have a four bedroom house & every room (even the kitchen) is full of stock, would be stock & packaging of one form or another we've yet to turn a proper decent profit after several years of trying, thats with keeping overheads low, you just have to keep expanding to the point that one day there will trickle forth a small profit.

We keep a very tight lid on postage costs & people still moan (bearing in mind they click the commit to buy button) , no-one ever pays postal insurance but expects you to pick up the pieces when it all goes wrong! (more paperwork for each proof of posting, which has to be retained and dug out when the worst happens OR they're out & don't pick up the parcel you have to have some form of financial buffer so you can actually be generous in both time & re-sends., rather than enraged, twisted & cynical.
I'd rather people pay what I put for each item in both cost & postal costs t(as we're cheap & fast generally) ..then pop them in something that I bought in bulk (more cost & stock to hold) than offer them 50p discount (and wasted time re-invoicing em) ..thats worth £2 -£3 and is linked into what they've already purchased.

People buy cheap nowadays, expect more discount on top, & top notch service when margins have been busted as low as 5% profit!

Ultimately each sale that turns a profit is a prerogative to carry on, but you do have to turn every opportunity your way, if that means bouncing a higher cost sale & adjusting it according to the market fine! ...unless you can guarantee me they'll then sign up to ZP (which they probably weren't aware of in the first place then I'm happy on the mere fact that they got it cheaper than the others currently listed on the format the prospective customer chose to browse.

premium products, speedy service & a good descriptive write up make for good sales, along with a competitive price compared to the one page of optional plastic fun scraper kits.