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Sadly the long sleeved "Decayed" tee is sold out in my size :( But how can I refuse that Patch Master t-shirt?! Had to buy one - Fantastic :D
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Sorry that some of you missed out on those Patch Master Minion shirts. I literally only had one or two of each size, and put them in the shop to help clear out those last few.
zombombie wrote:Just out of curiosity... Ryan, it says that the Patch Master shirt was available as a special prize, what was the competition?
To answer your question, zombombie... there wasn't any one specific competition, per se. But rather I had a small amount of those shirts printed up, and there were mostly used as gifts to those who did favors of Zombie Pumpkins. A few notable minions who went out of their way for me, colleagues that are involved in helping this site run smoothly, etc. These shirts were used as gifts for that sort of thing.
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By Kayo
Nightwatchman wrote:My Minion shirt arrived today! It's a great design, thanks Ryan, and thanks for the trick-or-treats.
Mine too! But one of my treats pulled a trick on the rest of them :-P
This is what I get for not being on the site in a while. I loose out on a Patch Master tee :(

Either way I will probably abuse the clearance!