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By S.A.M
I got my Zombie Pumpkins package this morning, well I got a leaflet from Royal Mail asking me to collect it and pay £18.86 ($30) in duties, £8 of which were "handling fees", first time ever since using the Shocking Shop, nothing to do with ZP! or Ryan of course, as an overseas customer you have to expect to pay import VAT but it still took a bit of excitement off getting my package... until I opened it that was :D

I love the shirts, I got both laboratory shirts, minion shirt and the reaper shirt and I love them!! The Minion shirt fits so well, I'm gonna wear it whilst shopping for pumpkins and carving, it looks like it'll withstand numerous years of carving, it's really good. As always thanks for all the little extras that make receiving a ZP! package such a pleasure, thanks Ryan! The spider ring in the minion shirt pocket didn't frighten me one bit, honest :frank: :lol:

I didn't realise just how much I liked the Laboratory mascot until I saw him realised on the t-shirt, what a fantastic design :thumbsup: I can't wait for it to get dark so I can see it glowing :D What a brilliant end to the week and just in time for pumpkin shopping!
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
S.A.M, thanks for the compliments on the shirts and such! I send so many packages out into the world, so it's nice to sometimes hear the specifics of how it arrived on the other end of the trip.

According to my records, your parcel left here on September 30, and you say you got it on the 11th? 11 days isn't so bad for travel from the US to UK. Nice.

Shame you had to pay those duties on the imported package though. I do what I can to minimize that happening. But as a business who ships a lot of packages, I have to be pretty honest about the value and content, when filling out customs forms. Sometimes people get the tax, sometimes not.

And now with postage rates increasing on international shipping too... well I feel bad for the overseas minions who sometimes end up paying more in shipping and taxes than the items themselves cost. In cases like this, I really appreciate your business!

Sounds like the shirts are a hit. I'm happy with the Minions Work Shirts too. On me, it's a nice fit and well made. Sure to last years. Makes me feel "official" when I wear it while conducting my pumpkin duties. 8)
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By NikkiRae
Just looked at the shop and noticed that there is a little less than half of the stick n carve paper left. Didn't it just go up as in stock yesterday?! Holy wow!!!! I'm placing my order today for a few more packs. I'm not taking any chances to let this run out again!
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
NikkiRae wrote:Just looked at the shop and noticed that there is a little less than half of the stick n carve paper left. Didn't it just go up as in stock yesterday?! Holy wow!!!! I'm placing my order today for a few more packs. I'm not taking any chances to let this run out again!
Haha yeah. I bought several cases of it, and half is gone in one day! I don't know if sales will keep up this pace, or if it's just because I posted that demonstration video yesterday. Sulky (maker of Stick 'n Carve) also posted the video on their official site and social networks, so that may have pushed some sales too. I may have have replenish my stock again, at this rate!
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By matspud
Zombie Pumpkins! wrote:Sandy Claws came and left you a box? Is it steel? Are there locks? Is it filled with a pox?
I had to read the last statement twice :shock: :lol: While I know you like to add little "presents" in your parcels Ryan I did think you would draw the line at poo :lol: :lol:

No sign of my box unless it is the one that the postie took back to the sorting office today. I hope so ' cause there is no charge on it. :-)
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By SuperSonic
Finally got my items today! Thanks Ryan! Loving the minion shirt!
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By keifferone
I wore my minion shirt to work yesterday and my co-workers loved it. Plus the added touch in the pocket was a great touch. Also I used the stick'n carve on two pumpkins last night and that stuff is great.
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By jen d.
Zombie Pumpkins! wrote: Update: Stick 'n Carve is back in stock again!
Super thumbs up for being back in stock! Hopefully those pesky border/customs holdups will be minimal so I can try some of this stuff before carving begins. Thanks for the quick replenishment! :thumbsup:
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By SCAREcrow
We received our Pro Carving Kits on Wednesday and they are fantastic! Thanks for the extras as well, My mouth began watering as soon as they fell out of the package :lipssealed: <-- my attempt at being sour lol

My boyfriend and I carved our very first foam pumpkins last night with our new tools, so that was also exciting! a bit more difficult than a real pumpkin but the years of use will make up for the hand cramps :twisted: (pictures will be posted soon, I'm actually procrastinating right now as I have my final midterm today at noon)

I think I may have to complete another order. I think some stick n' carve is a must since time for carving is limited this year. I figure if I order it now, it will be in by the time we return from our camping trip.

:D Thanks for everything Ryan!
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By nosferatu
Just got my delivery! Love the quality of the tees, kids already arguing over the wristbands, could have got away with a smaller size in the minion shirt but works well over a tee so I'm wearing it now, love the quality too. Just answered the door to a neighbour who was asking about it, I told him " battle fatigues, special ops, Operation ZP" told him that hopefully one day there will be a badge of honour on the other side.

The shop had sold out of The Reaper in red in my size but the one I ordered has gone down a storm 8)
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