Propose new ZP merchandise or review the goods you've ordered.
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By SuperSonic
Typically it does launch at the same time as the site yeah. I think there has been less than a handful of times it hasn't been at the same time.

I hope it's sooner rather than later though! (as I'm sure we all do). I want to see what merch Ryan has waiting behind the curtain.
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By Lala
I hope it's soon!!! and I hope there are hoodies!
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Well, I better break the news now, rather than make you wait longer, and be disappointed. Don't expect much new stuff in the shop this season. :confused: It's just been one of those years. Well, another one of those years.

Not to place all the blame on the pandemic, but it's certainly been tough to get my hands on some merchandise. Manufacturing materials seem to be in low supply. And so the price of these materials is up. Factories are understaffed, as people work from home or get laid off. And shipping (domestic and especially international) has been slowed (and so of course, they're also charging more for the slower shipping).

I've had trouble getting the wood/metal handles for my Pro Pumpkin Carving Tools. They should finally be in stock very soon (albeit in limited quantities).

I have a new t-shirt and new enamel pin in production (with the 2021 pumpkin mascot). But they may not be in my hands until the last week of October, so it will be a miracle to get them to anyone in time for the spooky holiday. So... maybe they'll make good Christmas gifts? :lol:

Look at it this way... they'll be ready WAY early for the 2022 season. And by the way, next year happens to be the 20th anniversary of Zombie Pumpkins. And that seems like the perfect time to go big with some unusual and fun merchandise. That's something to look forward to, right!?

In the meantime, I still have plenty of last year's products. In 2020 I added 7 items to the shop, if I remember correctly. 2020 and 2022 are looking like big years for the shop. 2021 is just one of those breather years in between.

But we all know you really come here for the pumpkin patterns, right? And I'm setting my sights on breaking some records in that regard. :grin: :thumbsup:
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By amandap80
This has been a problem all over - our local crafting shops have silk screening supplies backordered, paints, plastic goods etc. 2022 will be even bigger and better than ever! I am all about the abundance of pumpkin patterns anyway!!! :jack_o_lantern: :jack_o_lantern: :jack_o_lantern: :jack_o_lantern:
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By Lala
I'm definitely ordering a shirt! I wear mine all year long. Hoping 2022 has a new baseball tee and a hoodie though, mine are getting raggy hahahaa