Talking about spooky store scores and online oddity offerings.
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By chuckwagon
Found a great Halloween store while here working at the race track in Dover, DE called Halloween City... It's basically the same thing as a Spirit store, but not related at all. I found my Phantom of the Opera mask for 1 dollar less than what Spirit had it for... Not a huge deal to save a dollar, but hey, it's still saving money! PLUS... they are having an online deal for free shipping if you buy from the online store. Only catch is that the girl told me it's TODAY ONLY, but the coupon code is HCGSK. I know it's 10:45 PM on the east coast right now, so hopefully anyone who is interested can catch this in time if they want to order anything.
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By pagemaster1993
We had a Halloween City one year, but Spirit ran them out of town. Spirit basically took their location they were at, so they never came back.
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By Raven
We have both stores in the area, although I know of 2 Spirit Stores and only one Halloween City. There might be more, it's just what I have seen while driving around.