Talking about spooky store scores and online oddity offerings.
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By adam
As many have said, some places that had early Halloween merch includes:

Home Goods
Hobby Lobby
Joanne Fabrics (they have awesome jello molds etc)

Walgreens is just starting, cvs/riteaid will soon be starting as well.

Target will be soon. I know one has started and others will take a few more weeks.

Note that TJmaxx and Home Goods swap out merchandise every two weeks or so. I went in yesterday and they had ALL new stuff. Alot of the stuff there last month are basically gone and replaced with different items.

Be sure to sign up for mailing lists etc, to maximize coupon and extra Halloween savings! :D

I also heard September 3rd/4th is the return of Starbucks pumpkin latte/frappuccino

Feel free to add any I missed and to continue to add!
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Good tips Adam. I've been by Home Goods and Pier 1 Imports, picked up a few goodies there. I'll post pics soon. Also checked out a few items at Bath & Body Works. Looking forward to the pumpkin flavored everything that comes at this time of year. Maybe swing by Dunkin Donuts for a pumpkin donut soon.
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By adam
I did see merch at Pier 1! I have always wanted to do a black Halloween tree!

I have not been by Bath and Body works, what did they have? :)

I believe Hallmark has Halloween out and Cost Plus World Market may have items out soon.

Marshalls and Ross may also have merch out as well. I can't confirm that yet.

I do know there are also reports that Lowes has various life size figures out as well.
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By pagemaster1993
This year I may get a Sheetz Pumpkin coffee/drink/thing. Yeah I know not many of you know what Sheetz is and that is sad. It is a family run gas station and you can get really good food and drinks too. It is only around Pennsylvania I think. On another note my Target was getting their Dungeon wall Halloween Shelves put up and had a few black cauldrons out, also had some candy too, but that was it so far.