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I'm not proud to say this but I'm addicted to 24hr t-shirt sites like TeeFury. These sites sell awesome designs but only for a 24hr period and then they are gone from the site. Today's shirt (8/22/12) is very awesome and should garter some interest so I thought I would share it with you all...


You have until 12mid (EST) to grab one for $10 then after that (for a few hours afterward) you can find it in the AFTER HOURS section for $12.
I am quite tempted...

So, from left to right:

Planet Terror - UNKNOWN - Return of the Living Dead - Dawn of the Dead - Shaun of the Dead - Resident Evil - UNKOWN - The Walking Dead - Zombieland (Originally thought that was Undertaker from WWE!) - Evil Dead II - Re-Animator.

The 2 that I can't get are bugging me...
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If you go to the TeeFury Facebook page and look under comments for this design I think people have worked out who all the characters are. My question is if these characters were all survivors from thier respective movie/tv shows.
A lot of these 24-hour shirt sites seem to have rather "boxy" shirts. Meaning... on me, they seem fit too wide, but not long enough. I dunno... I'm pretty tall, maybe I have a long torso. But the last shirt I bought from Tee Fury was short, and after a wash (with a little shrinkage) it was basically a midriff bearing style. :lol: Anyone else have this issue with shirts from some of these 24-hour design sites?
I can normally tell as soon as I open the package if its going to be any good. Quality of the fabric and how well it has been machined are the two main points.

I have had a few good ones but generally after washing, the tee body is more of a rhombus shape than a rectangle. Never had a problem with ZP far! :lol: The one that seems to have held up particularly well is The Bride. Hasn't faded much and the print remains cracking......but not actually cracking.