Talking about spooky store scores and online oddity offerings.
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By Raven
Amazingly there is still some Halloween stuff left in the stores. Anyone been finding any good sales in the chain stores?

My local Hobby Lobby currently has 90% off their Halloween decor. Most of it is cute type tings as opposed to scary/creepy. The had some Funkins left. Mostly the normal orange but they did have 2 of the bright purple and one bright green one left.

Michaels had 70% off things. No foam pumpkins left at my local store.

JoAnn Ect. had a clearance sale too.

Yeah, I was in a few craft stores today. :)

I got this for .30 cents at Hobby Lobby.
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By ghostface
:shock: .30!!! Wow what a deal!
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By nosferatu
Over here in the stores Halloween stock has limited shelf space. The only thing left over always seems to be sweets.

On-line isn't much better unless you are willing to pay the shipping costs.

You've certainly bagged a bargain with that sign though.
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By monstermash
I only got a spooky cake for 50p that used to be £5. Nothing halloween related left here. Its all jingle balls and christmas pudding. I did mean BALLS there too, thats no error.
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By Chewy
I gave up on michaels here a few years ago, it seemed to me they run their stock down/out about a week before halloween. nov 1 - the spooky section's a ghost town.

wal mart of all places is on my hit list for the morning after. 50% off everything halloween. I usually pick up more fog juice if nothing else. This year, got two new airblowns, another pumpkin stand & a couple jugs o juice... nothing else really tickled my fancy there this year (i do kinda think that if its still there Nov 1 - there's a reason - usually the stuff is crap; or, it was just too expensive at full price).
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By Starparty
I went to Michael's after work today and it was slim pickins. All foam pumpkins were gone, but I did get a neat decorated candelabra for $14, regularly $60.

I thought I'd call around a bit tomorrow, but it sounds like the buyers were stingy and things didn't last long!
By Ajax
I spent over $100 on after Halloween stock most of it %75 off. I bought a ton of pumpkin candles %75 off at walmart the kinds you screw in the pumpkin bought atleast 100 of them. Picked up a zombie costume and ape costume at %75 off. A couple of those pumpkin stands with the monster bodies like I had Sandy Gauze on this year. A ton of robotics, candy bowls with a little skeleton guy that snaps at you when you take candy, two dancing brooms. I could go on and on. I'm ready for next year I think. I might do a party. Halloween is on a Wednesday next year so that will leave the weekend free.
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By pagemaster1993
I spent about twenty dollars at Michael's(no craft pumpkins left though :cry: ) and FiveBelow.
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By wookie66
I checked 3 different Michaels stores the day after Halloween and everyone of them was sold out of foam pumpkins. Last year they had a couple of bins of pumpkins for at least 2 weeks after Halloween. I dont believe them because a week before Halloween they had tons of them in stock. I highly doubt they sold all of those pumpkins in a week.
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By Raven
I had a friend tell me that she asked her local Michaels what they do with the craft pumpkins they don't sell. She said they told her they just throw them away. Not sure if they would just do that or not.
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By Chewy
RavensDestiny wrote:I had a friend tell me that she asked her local Michaels what they do with the craft pumpkins they don't sell. She said they told her they just throw them away. Not sure if they would just do that or not.
Sadly, it isnt as far fetched as you may think. Depending on their financial control system, if they write off their unsold seasonal inventory - they may be required to also dispose of it.

I know that with the system we have at work, when I take a voluntary write down on inventory (or an involuntary one due to age); I have a set period of time with which I need to dispose of it. In all cases where we do write off on our books, the inventory physically has to go to scrap (which aggravates our engineering team - they would love to hold on to everything), Depending on how valuable, or the IP involved, i also need to dispose of in a manner that generates proof of disposal - and save that record for seven years (after i PAY to have the stuff turned into metal flakes)...

With the bulk and relatively low value that the foamies have, I cant see spending a significant amount of money shipping them to a central DC, storing them for ~9 months and then returning them to stores. So, if they cant blow them out, theyd probably end up costing more than they're worth to store until next season.

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By wookie66
True, i understand they can't hold on to them but thats usually when i buy most of the foamies when you can get them for 4 or 5 bucks. Lol thats probably why they got rid of them. They need to lower the initial cost of them, i think they are like 22 or 24 dollars to buy one in early September.