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By SuperSonic
I figured this was totally appropriate.

Electric Zombie Clothes

Take a look at some of the awesome stuff they offer.

This one stuck out in my mind as something I'm going to soon get.

Autopsee Teal/Black
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By monstermash
Fantastic link SS. They've got some great designs there. I actually like the simple classic black T with Electric Zombie written on it. The Movie poster style is neat too.
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By zombiequeen
I love the slasher tank omg fredddyyyyy
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By CorpseBride
I love it! Some of their designs have a strong resemblance to Iron Fist (which I also enjoy). I may have just purchased a hoodie and a tank :wink: Oh credit I love thee.
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By Zombie Pumpkins!
Ooh, I've been to this site, but apparently not in a while. Lots of new goodness! Those shirt models look like they're having fun with it. I'm almost positive I'll be buying something. I'll just have to take a closer look at all the designs. At first glance, that hoodie and tank top in Freddy stripes are pretty cool.
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By Raven
The Electric Zombie would be an awesome name for a club/bar. :P
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By SuperSonic
That is true RD, but i just got word that the hoodie I linked in my post is my birthday present :D