Talking about spooky store scores and online oddity offerings.
Folks, it's Izzy's birthday over coming days, after long thought & discussion with her in order not to get trashy toys, we consulted with her..
Outcome she's having a projector in her room for dvd's wii xbox etc.

Spoilt? possibly but an item she can use for a good few years...
& dad can use it as a secondary halloween projector!

How much? currently £99.95 direct from optoma on ebay uk
Also available at Amazon in the states for $199 ..linky

gets some good reviews.
If interested THIS IS A KIDS PROJECTOR, so NOT HD, it is LOW res but should be fine for a standard dvd, holiday / travel projector & for utilisng in the important month of october!
It's LED & 20 watts TEXAS INSTRUMENTS DLP , needs a dark room.
So whilst it isn't like my downstairs model the fact that Izzy can havea low energy big screen upstairs is good in my book.
Just thought I'd share as I know theres alot of you out there wanting a projector, this might solve a few problems, pricepoint & bulbs, though admitted shortcomings.
read the reviews, go look at optoma's site, they are a recognised brand for this market.
Hope it helps someone out.
Will report back when I've had a play & made some comparisons to my big optoma downstairs.
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I've done some more scratching about,
Discovery Expedition Entertainment Projector
Amazon u.s.
List Price: $200.00
Price: $80.63 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping. Details
You Save: $119.37 (60%)

..& found an even cheaper unit (again lower quality to fit the price mark) however I'm simply trying to inform fellow weeners what i've found in elation to setting up a dirty cheap projector for the crop of Hallowindows window display dvds etc that seem to have sprung up...

this, though we are talking the price of a basic animatronic from spirit or similar & these lower power do really depend on real darkness to convey their low res images... howeverr (in context) good & cheap, this runs on a standard 50w halogen (cheap bulb replacement)

Product Features
Video projector that connects to TV, DVD player, video console, and other devices
Projects image up to 7.5 feet wide on any white wall in the home
1.7-inch LCD with 480 x 240 resolution; built-in stereo sound
A/V input; comes with standard 50-watt MR-16 halogen bulb
Headphone jack and LED indicator light; projects at distance up to 6 feet
Technical Details
Model: 1625075 ... pd_sbs_t_1

:lol: I can see ryan setting up a large computer animated ZP advert for halloween night on his laptop, :lol:

Or at last Ryan's mom can watch some "nice" movies ...unless she's a shock jock too Ryan?

Anyhow useful halloween tools that might just cut the mustard in terms of other uses even if they are low res.
..I'm contemplating another Optoma for the bedroom if Izzy's projector is up to some basic fun (we love the eco aspect).

Oh to have the choice you lot do with these! ...I maay just get 3 windows animated this year!
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By pagemaster1993
Yes that's how Amazon works something really expensive can be got for a low price, and usually if through Amazon it has free shipping.
I'm not a fan of amazon myself, however as people have been saying "I wish i'd got one" for the past few halloweens, it seems timely on a worldwide scale to point out what i'd found.

I try in the main to use family company websites, bookshops having crumbled from b&m shops (had a fab one locally till 15 years ago when competetive bookchain selling began, the only place i'd buy em from, it's the book depository or charity shops..
My favourite clothes stores in existence for around 100yrs ..took a dive several years ago due to rent hikes, so I tend to buy abroad, or for traditional clothing through the factory shops linked to the actual place of production where possible (good shoes, Northampton).
But the world is increasingly led to the billionaires doors, paid for google rankings etc, decline is inevitable.
We have an Amazon warehouse near us ..the pay is terrible! only winner is amazon charging for storage, picking, packing & despatch.

Buy independent when you can, if you can, whilst you can, you can always ring em & ask to price match / best price if it's stocked locally..
The kids optoma turned up today.
Good for a toy / travel type projector eg r.v. hook up camping
As Izzy is off ill she was watching it today so the plasma got a major rest!
She loved it, it's not perfect, does require a really dark / blacked out room & the low resolution does stick out, but to all intents & purposes is perfectly good for a bit of fun movie watching without going overly critical.

recommended for Kids rooms, secondary travel projector, additional scene setter for halloween.

We were throwing a 50+ inch image no problem, so room for expansion.

I'll hook up a screen in her room & add a pic or two onto my twitpic account.
Ok I know It's not Halloween but I can safely say it whacks out a fair old hallowindows in an upstairs room on 16x9 setting! odd looks from the neighbours, they're used to it!